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Our community of dental professionals committed to healthy smiles.

what we do

An Experienced Team of Dental Health Professionals

Unified Dental Care creates genuine, healthy smiles for multiple communities throughout Michigan. Each unique dental location is comprised of skilled professionals who strive to provide the full scope of treatment to keep patients’ smiles healthy.

What We Value

We are committed to quality care and a quality experience for all of our patients, making the right team an essential component of the work we do.

Ethics & Integrity

This is our guiding principle for everything we do. The treatment we provide gives our team the confidence to proudly stand behind our work.


VWe provide best-in-class support to dental practices within our affiliate network, while giving dental professionals the autonomy they need.


We believe in tangible growth that is both measurable and sustainable. Our affiliate locations have access to our unique resources to make this happen.

Passion & Respect

Our affiliate family are celebrated for their unique contributions to the team. A love of people & dentistry fuels the work we do.


Dr. Husdon

Unified Dentist

“I have been working at Unified Dental Partners for the past 3 years. My experience has been very fulfilling and worthwhile. With Unified Dental Partners, I can focus 100% on patient care. I have a full schedule of patients everyday. I have complete autonomy with my treatment plans and how I manage my treatment time. The managers and support staff are very professional and provide the support I need in order to provide the best quality care possible.”

Dr. Gandhi

Unified Dentist

“Throughout my career as a Dentist I have worked for different organizations and enjoyed my time there. What sets my experience at Unified Dental apart is the autonomy over my schedule and the absence of micromanagement in my day to day work. I have better work life balance than before, and excellent support from the management. I feel I am at a good point in my life to work for Unified Dental where I am growing each day personally and professionally.”

Work With Unified

Our affiliate practices serve over 100,000 patients! As a Unified Dental partner, you receive.

Affiliate Opportunities

Our affiliate practices serve over 100,000 patients!

Unified Dental partner practices have access to a wealth of resources and support to keep them on the leading edge of dentistry and oral health for all patients. Each affiliate is a distinct practice that brings its own unique strengths to the services offered by Unified Dental.

Career Opportunities

At Unified Dental, we are always looking for just the right team members to make the dental care we provide top notch for our patients. Available positions may include:

  • Dentists
  • Hygeinists
  • Dental Assistants
  • Office Support

Practice Appraisals

The first step toward joining Unified Dental as an affiliate practice is to have an appraisal conducted to determine the opportunities that exist for us to partner together to provide quality dental care. Click the button below to start the conversation with a member of our team. We are stronger and more effective as we work together!

Our Affiliated Practices

Unified Dental Care partners are located throughout the Detroit area, providing patients with multiple options to access quality dental care when they need it.

8 Mile - Detroit Dental

Livernois - Detroit Dental

Plymouth - Detroit Dental

Highland - Painless Dentistry

Adrian - Painless Dentist

Lansing - Painless Dentistry

Charlotte - Painless Dentistry

Become An Affiliate

Fill out the form to get in touch with us at Unified Dental. Once we receive your information we will reach out.


To apply for a job with Unified Dental Care please send a cover letter together with your resume to: info@unifieddentalcare.com

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